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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by garm on 2009/10/30 2:31:16

>I've never seen a Lewis book signed by Tolkien, and I think I've seen only one item signed by both Lewis and Tolkien, but it was also signed by a number of the other Inklings as well.<

Which book is that?

>2) Also, how would the book then have got into a school library? Does anyone know what Priscilla's job in Bristol was, and whether she still worked there in 1958 or later?<

*why Bristol? As far as I can recall, Priscilla worked as a secretary in Bristol, but then later became interested in social work. She worked as a probation officer for some years, and later taught at Wycombe Technical College.
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