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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Trotter on 2009/11/16 22:48:35

Collector wrote:

"long, if you are skeptical about these "Higgins" you have not too much idea about Tolkiens life. These letters are original. Dr. Higgings was his family doctor and they gone several times on holidays to Milford."

Apart from the fact that the evidence for "Dr Higgings" (sic) as Tolkien's family doctor is very thin. Was he a GP, what was his practice, where did he live (it is convenient that these eBay letters do not have any envelopes)?

And the problem that Wayne and Christina have mentioned that the letter-headed paper has the wrong letter-head and none are dated. Why would Tolkien type one line of text and then hand sign it? Surely he would hand write the whole text and sign it (much harder to fake though).

I can see no provenance for these letters so have to believe that they, like a lot of 'signed' Tolkien material, are fakes.
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