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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Urulöké on 2009/11/17 12:26:35

Hello Collector, and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to have been in lurk mode for the past few months (on my own website, no less!) but I am very happy that everyone has kept busy.

This has been a great conversation so far. I am hoping Collector can share some additional information or background on why you think these letters are real - have you seen the letters in person? Have you had a handwriting expert (Tolkien signature specialist) look at these particular letters?

A few of these specialist/experts have weighed in on these forums already, all on the "forgery" side of the fence. Anything helping to move the needle back towards "real" would be helpful if you can provide solid information.

Thanks all!
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