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Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signatures on eBay???
by Jlong on 2009/11/18 13:35:54

Again, regardless of what anyone might say about the authenticity of the signature or content, this letter just seems too similar to the Higgins letters. All of these letters have similar paper, similar bold black signatures, and all contain rather similar signs of aging.

If the Hooper of this letter is, in fact, Walter Hooper, I imagine that he is probably the best authority on this letter, considering he is still alive. If it was never sent to him, as I imagine that is going to be the story, the provenance of the letter is certainly questionable.

It also seems noteworthy that although the Higgins letters look exactly like this Hooper one, at least one of the Higgins letters was not composed around the same time. This letter was purportedly written in 1966 and one of the Higgins letters mentions Edith's death, so at the earliest, it was written in 1971. This doesn't necessarily mean the letters aren't authentic, but it seems rather strange given the similar look of the letters.

Well, those are my initial thoughts.
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