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Re: Another Tolkien eBay Letter

Subject: Re: Another Tolkien eBay Letter
by Jlong on 2009/11/21 13:44:02

It seems sad to me that such items keep cropping up; an unknowing buyer will inevitably purchase them.

Tolkien did, in fact, write a lot of letters to fans and friends, but to me these items seem so unlike Tolkien, and to be frankly honest, quite pathetic. Of all the images of Tolkien letters I've managed to gather, blue ink is certainly less common in his letter writing. In addition, most of his letters written using blue ink are entirely handwritten. Also, the type of blue ink or perhaps it is the signature itself seems rather heavy-handed.

The paperback book seems even more dubious to me as Tolkien signed very few paperback copies.

I inquired about the provenance of these items; I'll post the response if the seller responds.
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