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Re: R R Auction Tolkien Letter

Subject: Re: R R Auction Tolkien Letter
by Trotter on 2009/11/25 3:14:59

The guarantee from RR Auctions is exactly the sort of thing you would not get from sellers of "dubious" items like the "Higgins" letter.

This letter has all the correct points that are missing from items like the "Higgins" letters

1 - It is typed by someone who knew how to type (Tolkien clearly did know how to type as he stated that he typed the LOTR out twice). The "Higgins" style letters appear to have been done by somebody who is not proficient at typing on a typewriter, like most people today. As they struggle with using a typewriter they write short messages.

2 - This is the sort of letter that Tolkien would have typed and signed. I think it would have been quicker to type than to write by hand, unlike the "Higgins" letters which if real would have been handwritten.

3 - It is possible to check the details in the letter with the parties concerned, you could ask the British Council about the contents or find out information about Professor Przemyslaw Mroczkowski. This letter does have some provenance that can be checked. There is nothing in the "Higgins" letters that can be checked even that "Higgins" ever existed.

4 - The signature looks much better. It is not in the horrible blue colour of the "Higgins" letters and even something cursory like the dots come after his initials and not before as in the recent "Higgins" letter on eBay.

I personally am completely happy with this item.
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