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Chaucer as a Philologist

Subject: Chaucer as a Philologist
by garm on 2009/12/1 16:00:20

Something new on Ebay -

http://cgi.ebay.com/c1934-CHAUCER-as- ... tible?hash=item518ebe9da1

Looks ok to me - but the price seems a bit steep. What do others think?

BTW - H.F.B. Brett-Smith was a member of the 'Cave', that is, a junta within the Oxford English School which was formed by Lewis and Tolkien in order to put through Tolkien's proposed changes to the English syllabus. Which, if he'd had his way, would have seen Shakespeare out of an Oxford English course (more or less), in favour of more philology!

See 'The Oxford English School' by JRR Tolkien; The Oxford magazine, May 29th, 1930.

" Chaucer should be recovered for such students as a mediaeval author, ... The pretence that no 'English' curriculum is humane which does not include Shakespeare must naturally be abandoned, since that author lies quite outside the purview of such a course."
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