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Re: This is getting silly!!!!!!

Subject: Re: This is getting silly!!!!!!
by laurel on 2010/3/13 0:09:03

Hi This was sellers response to last Higgins letter:

'Thank you very much for your message. I bought this book with his letter in Ebay long time ago. I am not a expert, but it looks like a true item. Some time ago I bought a artwork in Ebay too, a lot of people told me that is was a fake... finally it was a real item, sometimes you must think that there are a lot of economical interest in some forums, buyers, etc. Just give me a real proof about this. Thank you !!'

Since then it has been removed. I did point out the errors within the listing and that people far more knowledgeable than me have serious doubts over Dr Higgins. Hey presto ! One less on open market is all that matters
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