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signed smith of wootton major

Subject: signed smith of wootton major
by stephen on 2010/1/21 4:28:56

I have just stumbled upon a book that was missing in the family for years.

My great Aunt was given it by Tolkien when she was a nurse for him at some point.
It is a copy of "Smith of wootton major" and the inscribed words are.." to nurse Beaton" and then signed by Tolkien.

I launched a hunt for this book about a year ago after reading that a guy sold a postcard signed by Tolkien was found at the back of a fireplace.

The Aunt that he gave it to died about 4 years ago and no one knew where the book was.
Turned up last week at her sisters house in a back room.

Is it worth much? and where is the best place to contact to sell it?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks.. Stephen
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