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Re: Signed LP?

Subject: Re: Signed LP?
by Trotter on 2010/8/30 2:52:41

It is also worth pointing out that you should buy from a seller with a clear easy to use return policy in the event you discover a problem with the signature. Sellers such as Beren offer this.

However, having read all the waffle on the sellers website about signatures, a long example below


I'd never buy a 'signed' item from anyone who makes these overly complicated demands to question the authenticity of a signature that they have sold.

SATISFACTION ASSURANCE: However, if any autographed item we sell is ever found not to be authentic by a certified and court qualified forensic handwriting examiner, we will gladly refund the purchase price. I will promptly refund your money if you return the item, along with the original paperwork and a letter from a certified and court qualified forensic handwriting examiner stating that the item purchased is not authentic.The inspection of the item must be done in person and not evaluated using the internet or scans or photos.It can not be a standard rejection form letter used by dealers for items you are attempting to sell to them. The certified and court qualified authenticator will evaluate the autograph using standard nondestructive techniques of forensic document examination which include a macroscopic evaluation with calipers, protractors, photocopies and their enlargements, along with computer enhancements and computer enlargements. You will pay the authenticator for his services. This guarantee is good forever.

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