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Re: What is my best bet for owning an inexpensive Tolkien Signature?

Subject: Re: What is my best bet for owning an inexpensive Tolkien Signature?
by Parmastahir on 2010/10/31 7:29:15

Hi Qwiniden -

There is some pretty good advice here. Suggest the following:

(1) Educate yourself about the signature. Read over the many threads here, for instance. Knowing the comments of real experts here could save you disappointment (and a lot of money!)

(2) Educate yourself about the market. As Laurel said, supply and demand dictate the price. The cost of a signed book may be different from that of a significant, hand-written letter. Try to figure out what would make you happy or at least be "good enough."

(3) If the seller won't provide a letter of provenance OR such a letter does not add up, avoid the item. Such a letter is all important to my mind. If it's eBay, check out the seller's feedback and ask the experts here about the item. OK, you will alert others here to the item. But I'd bet that "everyone" already is aware of it. It is, after all, eBay!

(4) Ask LOTS of questions of the seller BEFORE you buy. You would certainly be asking many afterwards if you are unhappy with your purchase. So why not do your homework first?

(5) If eBay is too risky, there are certainly experts here with genuine items for sale. Talk to them (suggest you take such discussions off line once you do.) Let them know what you're interested in, see what they have. If they don't currently have what you are most interested in, perhaps they will in the future.

I don't know that the advice in this thread will get you an inexpensive signature (Trotter's comments stand.) But an inexpensive fake is no bargain! Good Luck!

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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