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Re: Signed 1971 Fellowship of the Ring

Subject: Re: Signed 1971 Fellowship of the Ring
by garm on 2011/10/22 15:36:40

Here's a story, which only collectors would appreciate - you know how Jarrolds messed up the printing of the 2nd imp. of FotR? Yes, you do! Back in December '54.

Well, one of the things they did was to switch the places of the contents page and the 'Ring verse' page. Which favoured a book dealer I know - several years ago he popped into a 2nd hand bookshop and picked up a copy of this edition, marked £10.00. He flicked through, and was astonished to find Tolkien's signature under the Ring verse, which in the 2nd imp. comes after the foreword, instead of opposite the copyright page, as in every other impression! Hence the shop-owner didn't spot it when he checked the book's date.

Talk about luck!

So, my friend walks nonchalantly up to the counter; the bookshop owner asks, 'Are you a dealer?' (my friend did have rather a lot of other purchases with him). He answered 'Yes' - and got 10% off!

Talk about a lucky break...