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Re: Signed book from his library?

Subject: Re: Signed book from his library?
by Urulöké on 2011/10/28 15:22:54

Well, the Loome sale is well documented, but I don't have anything in front of me (Tolkien Collector back issues, etc.) that I am sure Findegil can chime in on when he is around.

As for Marquette, I am just speculating at this point. But it (a) is a Catholic University, which (b) bought a huge pile of Tolkien materials that I am sure they could not keep 100% of, and (c) Loome is just a few hundred miles away from Marquette, and is a well known Catholic specialist bookseller.

So I am just connecting dots at this point. But to be clear, this is just my belief. Hopefully someone has some concrete evidence, before I go emailing Matt at Marquette to bother him with another question.

Still not sure that is a valid Tolkien signature for the eBay auction in question, either.
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