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Re: Fake items bought using PayPal

Subject: Re: Fake items bought using PayPal
by Urulöké on 2012/1/5 11:39:47

I think the Paypal policy is extremely anti-seller (as a seller who accepts Paypal myself). A hostile customer (such as the violin purchaser above) could purchase a signed Tolkien book from me, destroy it (or show pictures of a similar book shredded - how can you tell the before pic and after pic are of the same item???) and get all their money back. At no time does Paypal contact the seller or try to resolve the situation amicably - they just say "destroy it and get all your money back". They also have absolutely no way to confirm that the destroyed item was the purchased item, they just trust the buyer implicitly.

It doesn't matter that I have a no-questions asked "Return in same condition" policy. I may have to stop accepting paypal from unknown buyers at this point - this is not my only concern about Paypal policies.
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