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Re: Signed Methuen Silmarillion

Subject: Re: Signed Methuen Silmarillion
by garm on 2012/2/8 14:11:16

My copy has one of those title page stickers, too. And it has a Houghton Mifflin leaflet loose in the back - it's glossy and folded vertically into four. Under the title 'Announcing the literary culmination of JRR Tolkien's career' we have Tolkien's picture 'The Mountain-path'; in colour, as it appears on the jacket of the 1st HM ed. It also lists a slew of books by and about Tolkien.

I like this book very much - I've had a slip-case made for it, with a pull-ribbon an' all. I guess I'm unlikely to find a copy of the 1982 super de luxe, but I reckon this one is just as nice.

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