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Original Letters from Tolkien to "Mr Jackson"....!

Subject: Original Letters from Tolkien to "Mr Jackson"....!
by Trotter on 2013/1/16 6:06:38

"How fabulous are these! Two original letters from JRR Tolkien (belonging to a client of ours) re: a stage production of The Hobbit. I'm sure Peter Jackson would be interested to know that a namesake and fellow "back-room boy of the drama" actually got to correspond with the great man."

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?se ... 91.136794089764167&type=1

The 29th January 1968 letter is one that I have not seen mentioned before (not in the superb Hammond & Scull Companion and Guide) or that I can see in the Addenda and Corrigenda on their website (http://www.hammondandscull.com/addenda/companion.html).

Tolkien appears to have made a mistake in the letter which has been manually corrected, so do people think he typed this himself?

He had a fulltime secretary in 1968 (Joy Hill?), so I would have expected them to type it, and the Professor to sign it.

The mistake is the 'an' on an old tumbledown manor house.

For clarification, as I often point out fakes, no problem with these items
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