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Re: Poor Journalism

Subject: Re: Poor Journalism
by garm on 2013/5/3 12:16:05

Oh, and Tolkien might have gotten the idea of Gollum from a cave in Ireland. Which he didn't visit till 1949. And The Hobbit was published in... 1933. I quote:

"For many years now there has been words written about the character of Gollum who appears in 'The Hobbit' book published in 1933 but whom I'm told only gets a more developed persona in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

The Burren is home to the largest cave system in Ireland... It comprises of 15 miles of underground passages. This entrance is called Pol na gColm (translated from the Irish as the Hole of Gollum). The 'Book of the Burren' by Ann Korff, says 'Gollum' in Irish means 'rock dove'.. Of course the other coincidence is that rock doves make a guttural sound, same as Gollum in the book. "

see here: http://www.worldirish.com/story/30506 ... 3-reasons-why-it-might-be
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