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Re: Yet another signed copy

Subject: Re: Yet another signed copy
by Beleg on 2009/2/25 20:27:47

Sir Alpingloin

I appreciate what you say.. any good fortune will certainly be embraced should the signature ever develop appreciation value. This of course will be a plus, as appreciation value is secondary to why it was acquired. If the signature indeed remains to be deemed fake by consensus of this forum, then it will never find it's way back onto the marketplace. It was removed from the marketplace as a fake, and will remain removed from the marketplace so long as popular belief of this forum holds it in question.

Case in point..

Jlong; "It is unfortunate that these fake signatures keep cropping up."

Findegil; "Christina and I have serious doubts about this signature."

Beren; ".. the signature, which is not Tolkien(ish) at all."

Onónion; "I will not place a bid as I am very doubtful about this."

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