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Re: Yet another signed copy

Subject: Re: Yet another signed copy
by Elwë on 2009/2/25 14:37:55

I hope for Beleg's sake that it is indeed real, and if he is happy with the book, then that is what really matters.

However, in the end, I think that this signature is a bit of a shame. Even if it is real, the fact that we are having this debate means that it will be questioned again in the future. This skeptisism will effect its value every time it comes up for sale - real or not. A lot of serious collectors will not be willing to take the risk on this one, not to mention that it is a somewhat 'messy' signature, making it even less desirable (I tend to place higher value on 'nicer looking' signatures, such as the signed 1987 Super Deluxe Hobbit where 'Christopher Tolkien' is scrawled out in full - as opposed to the Children of Hurin signed 'C.R. Tolkien.')

I always say that an item is only ever worth what someone is willing to pay. I suppose that the current economic climate may be helping to supress the value of this particular item, so maybe when the market improves, it can be sold for a profit. However, I can't imagine that it will ever go as high as a nice clean signing with provenance.
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