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Re: Signed 1st ed. Hobbit?

Subject: Re: Signed 1st ed. Hobbit?
by Stu on 2008/12/23 15:29:40

Another book spoiled in the name of making a fast dollar. If the author physically signs the pages of a book, then that's fine by me - it's what the author intended to do, but when a piece of unrelated paper is chopped up and glued into said book long after the fact, then that's just vandalism.

I really just wish people would get over the fascination with signatures (really, someone signing their name isn't that impressive a thing in the grand scheme of things). JRRT had various variants of nice-looking signature to be sure, but when these start trading in the thousands of dollars and being used as paste-ins to bump up the price of the books (i.e. the real works), something is wrong, and it's our fault for buying them...

Bah, humbug, etc.


PS. Merry Time Off Work (if you are lucky enough to not be working).
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