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Re: PLEASE help.. Signed copy of the Hobbit

Subject: Re: PLEASE help.. Signed copy of the Hobbit
by Deagol on 2008/11/29 8:46:48

The signature does look quite good and may be genuine, though others here might disagree with me.

The book itself is worth only a pound or two. The signature, if genuine, maybe worth up to a thousand maybe.

The big trouble is that it is in a book from the early 1980s which raises big doubts about its authenticity. How did it get there I wonder. I have had a quick look around but did not find any connections between JRRT and anybody called Forrester.

Is the label an adhesive label, or is it a page from another book pasted in? Are the brown spots (foxing) genuine, aging of the paper, or printed as part of the design?
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