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Re: PLEASE help.. Signed copy of the Hobbit

Subject: Re: PLEASE help.. Signed copy of the Hobbit
by Trotter on 2008/11/29 10:48:12

I personally don't think that this is genuine for the reasons that Deagol mentioned.

Tolkien signatures are a minefield, lots of very convincing fakes exist, as an example if you look at this copy of the Lord of the Rings, the note looks very convincing, but I have the exact same copy of that note and it is very hard to tell that it is not a genuine signature.

You could and try and sell your book as a 'signed' book but the lack of provenance would put off any serious bidders. I think you should keep it, with the belief that it may be signed by Tolkien, but you will never know for certain.

Beren, another regular, on this board posted an article on his website about signatures and it is well worth reading if you have not already seen it.

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