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Re: tolkienbooks.net malicious code

Subject: Re: tolkienbooks.net malicious code
by Deagol on 2010/3/21 5:10:17

TolkienBooks.net has been attacked by hackers.

A great deal of damage has been done and will take time to repair. All of the compromised pages have now been deleted.

The front end of the site and most of An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography are out of action for the time being, but will hopefully be back online later in the year when Wheelbarrows at Dawn is finished and "real" world commitments are less.

The Articles Section is for the most part unaffected, although some of the links to the Bibliography are broken and the articles on print numbers for early Hobbits are down.

The TolkienBooks.net Bookstore is also still operational, although the homepage has lost its formatting.

This is the third time the site has been attacked, despite added security. I think it is down to the Wordpress-powered front end, so I may look for another way to do things.

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