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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by Trotter on 2010/8/16 6:45:41

I forgot about this earlier thread on the subject

Stu posted on 1st Jan 2009 Given the 30% discount and GBP 5.00 postage to Aus, I decided to get another copy of the signed CoH to shove under the bed for 25 years. The interesting thing is whether it will beat a bank account in terms of ROI at the end of the period. I'm not convinced it will, but I'll take the punt..! My copy number is 443, so there aren't that many left unsold at this point. I guess they might discount further, but I'm thinking 30% off might be as good as it gets. Having said that, who knows - maybe 40% discount is just around the corner? Stu

As you can see #443 was sold 18 months ago. As far as I can see it is not possible to currently tell how many copies are left from the copy numbers as HarperCollins are clearly not selling them in order.
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