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Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books

Subject: Re: A nice blog on collecting Tolkien books
by Khamûl on 2010/8/17 3:46:23

I take your point!

The real problem here is eBay. I'm not sure if there is any point in quoting freak prices & holding these up as examples of 'value' or 'worth'. Some eBay Tolkien stuff goes for nonsense money, and final auction price can be influenced by many different factors. You have to weigh these factors up in judging whether a price is typical or not. A lot of stuff went for higher prices when the films were current, since interest, and competition for items was higher. And, some bidders just seem to like other people to bid against. It reinforces their belief that the (current) price must reflect worth since someone is clearly biding this amount for it. As for that HoME, well, sometimes people have far too many books, and they just don't like buying lots for only one title. (As I often quote) ADCBooks sold a copy of PoME for £830, yet many full sets fail to realise reserve, with bidding often fizzling out with the price under £1000. How does this make sense?...

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