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Re: TolkienBooks.net is back online

Subject: Re: TolkienBooks.net is back online
by Deagol on 2010/10/27 13:15:13

This is slightly off topic for a Tolkien collecting forum but...

I just got a terrible sinking feeling that the website had got hacked again, after only 48 hours back online. All the ISBN numbers on the details pages had been taken over by a link to Skype and were trying to persuade me to call someone in Poland!

I have just got a new laptop and the oh so clever IE8 highjacks anything that looks like a contact number and converts it to a Skype link. Which genius thought of that we wonders... and why oh why is it set as default? Having never used Skype, it would have been nice if the feature had announced itself before it started merrily messing about with my webpages! Thankfully I have managed to workout how to turn off this "helpful" feature, so panic over.

[Cancels paranoia mode]
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