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Re: Utter nonsense

Subject: Re: Utter nonsense
by garm on 2011/6/18 15:55:45

Cliff Broadway is connected with theoneringnet. There's something about him here:


Rebekah Platt appears regularly on theoneringnet too; presenting a video report on the progress of pJ's upcoming movies called 'The Hobbit in 5'.

Mr Broadway considers himself a Tolkien academic; it says so in a book produced by theoneringnet called 'The People's Guide to JRR Tolkien' (2003), which bills itself as 'the first and only book written by Tolkien fans for Tolkien fans'. Which comes as something of a surprise to an old Tolkien Society hand like myself. There was a follow-up book in 2005, which includes the interview with Flieger which Red quoted from.

Broadway was also involved with an appallingly awful fan film called 'Ringers', which IMO truly hit new lows. In any field of endeavour. Truly awful.

The books contain essays from the website, on all the usual themes to do with Tolkien's works; basically there doesn't seem to be anything here which isn't covered better in many TS publications and on other websites; but theoneringnet have set themslves up as the premier Tolkien fan site, and so they blow their own trumpet here. Mr Braun's selection of Cliff and Rebekah seems to show that he, at least, believes everything he reads on the Net.

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