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Re: Why?

Subject: Re: Why?
by Stu on 2011/7/16 22:22:07

Trotter wrote:
Yes it does

Anyone of course has the right to be offended by something or not approve of something. My point was about the human tendency to make presumptions regarding what the dead might think (if they weren't dead). IMHO, this process involves attributing our own opinions to the dead in order to bolster the validity of said opinions. Surely it is enough to say "*I* do not approve", rather than "Tolkien would not have approved" and let that opinion stand on its own merit.

In the case of this bridge, given the utter and total crap that his been (willingly) licensed in Tolkien's name, I hardly think a bridge (which is presumably a useful thing to those who will cross it) is worth getting too worried about. I imagine the estate would weigh in and kill their party anyway.

Just my two-cents (or pennies) - it isn't my intent to offend any of the living

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