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Tolkien Index

Subject: Tolkien Index
by Morgan on 2011/10/22 10:42:47

I just wanted to share a link to a website I created (with the help of Daniel Helen, UK) some months ago, the Tolkien Index (TI).

Tolkien Index is nothing more (or less) than a page index of names for publications by J.R.R. Tolkien lacking an index (with a focus on Parma Eldalamberon and Vinyar Tengwar).

Although there are some resources on the web which list elvish glosses found in PE and VT, the TI only includes proper names (or what can be thought of as a proper name), i.e., such as found in the HoMe Index (thus also "real-world" names are included). Also note that the TI does not provide any explanations of the names - it will only be of use to those owning the publications.

So far PE17, PE19 and a couple of issues of VT have been indexed.

Hopefully it could be useful to more people than myself! And please let me know if you can think of any improvements, or if you note any errors.
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