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Re: www.tolkienbookshelf.com

Subject: Re: www.tolkienbookshelf.com
by dunedain on 2012/12/17 14:40:36

Hello All,

Sorry to have been out of contact, it appears that Cox.com or Cox.net has had a server issue which shut down my dmiller@southwind account and another account as well. The info@TolkienBookshelf.com email seems to be fine, as it is off of a completely different server, which handles my web site. I am just now getting email from last Friday and have been informed that it may take days before all the email has been forwarded, and that only 55% of the accounts are receiving their email at all. So my apologies to all, absolutely nothing anyone can do about it at this point. If I have not answered your email, it is because I have not received it yet, and will answer as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays,

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