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Re: A Tolkien Calendar site

Subject: Re: A Tolkien Calendar site
by Parmastahir on 2006/6/4 17:30:22

Hi Jeremy -

Thanks for the thread about my site (Compleat Gyde...) I am only interested in "real" Tolkien calendars - for the most part, those with artwork and illustrations - and not the multitude of movie-related calendars (with stills from same). Even so, I have been able to catalog over 190 and am on the trail of a few more.

Re the "movie calendars", I did find a website with a good catalog of same and noted it on my website. I have not visited it recently, so I do not know if it is current.

And I know a little about the Wizard Tower CD. Jim Emerson, the website and CD creator, found my calendar website and contacted me to ask permission to use the photos and information. I have no financial interest in it, and did not want anything in return for my support of his creation. So Jim sent five of the CDs to me as a thank-you. If you visit his site, you will read that the first CD includes an interview with a "premiere calendar collector". I wonder whom that would be?

Jim is working on the second in that series which will cover the first editions . . . which would seem a VERY ambitious undertaking given the number of editions and publishers, etc etc etc

Away from the Green Hill Country,