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Re: TolkienBooks.net

Subject: Re: TolkienBooks.net
by Urulöké on 2007/4/12 14:15:18

It seems to me that you have an excellent (I can't repeat that enough) gathering of information, that you have chosen to organize solely in chronological order. If/when you are comfortable, having these sorted in other orders as well (I wouldn't want to lose the ability to sort them chronologically) would be nice. Totally up to you where you want to spend the time!

I seem to be much better taking other peoples information into my database than entering my own (something to do with the fact that the scanner is attached to my 3-year old's computer, so I never get to use it), if you would prefer to put your time elsewhere. Seems like we have so many people generating content AND developing websites, there must be a way to streamline our efforts.

[added note: I don't mean to imply pulling tolkienbooks.net into my site - just offering services for website tinkering if it would help]
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