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Re: TolkienBooks.net

Subject: Re: TolkienBooks.net
by Deagol on 2007/6/27 16:09:17

Thanks for your very kind words.
Mr Hammond's book was what started me off - I name check him on most pages, so I guess I might have sold a few extra copies for him!

The decisions on the naviation arrows have been made - or rather made for me because my PHP and SQL skills weren't up to it.

I ended up splittng the 'books by or with contributions' from 'letters, art and miscellanea' because the sections were becoming too large - 2000-Present would have been over 80 entries - which slows down load times, especially for dial-up users. YES there are still quite a few of them around!

Have recently finished upgrading the Hobbit section - all new images and extra information in each entry. Will be doing LotR next, or maybe Silmarillions.
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