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New listings on Rown's Books

Subject: New listings on Rown's Books
by Urulöké on 2007/2/5 10:44:42

Hi all,

in the interest of getting things moving a bit, I've decided to change the catalog format for Rown's Books just slightly. Instead of a static formatted catalog, I've created a "What's New" section of the database - all new Tolkien listings will go there first, and be cycled out to the normal stock listings every two weeks or so as I continue to catalog new items.

What's New at Rown's Books

I have more than 50 items listed there today, with a few hundred more waiting to be entered in - no point in making people wait for all or nothing!

I've also changed the mailing list notification process for the bookstore. Instead of an email address (an easy spam target, and hard for me to send bulk messages as they get spam blocked) I have set up an automated mailing list through a nice free list management service. You can subscribe/unsubscribe automatically through the web interface.

Tolkienlist subscription page
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