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Re: Should TCG formally join other organizations?

Subject: Re: Should TCG formally join other organizations?
by Mithrennaith on 2010/1/27 22:57:50

Well, TS Smial will be fine with me,

- but I am thinking it might be possible (and possibly less hassle) to 'join' the ITF (International Tolkien Fellowship) independently. There are no real rules about what type of organisation can or cannot join, nor really what the rights and duties of affiliated organisations are. Basically, it was set up as a structure for Tolkien Societies across the world to inform each other about what is going on and discuss matters of joint concern.

It still is largely informal, consisting of an e-mail-group, a forum and meetings of officials or representatives at Oxonmoot (or sometimes at other larges gatherings attended by many TSs). Originally of course TSs (and societies like MythSoc or the Inklings Gesellschaft) were seen as the possible members, but a consensus has formed that some organisations that are not strictly societies, but have originated from serious (and basically voluntary) fandom can be accepted. Walking Tree Publishers is as yet the only such of more or less permanent standing.

It may take a bit of discussion whether TCG should be accepted as a ‘regular’ in the ITF, there hasn't yet been any affiliate that is basically an internet community, whithout any other formal structure behind it than ‘owner-administrator’. But once in, there are in fact less requirements and obligations than on a TS Smial.

Joining it would basically mean that Rowns would join the e-group and forum, and if needed he could appoint one or two others as officers of TCG - there are some respected members here who regularly attend Oxonmoot; or it could be a way of getting Beren to join ITF, which IMHO should have happened some time ago.
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