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Re: Should TCG formally join other organizations?

Subject: Re: Should TCG formally join other organizations?
by loonka on 2010/2/8 8:52:08

I am aware that my opinion counts for nothing. This is my sixth post, and the last five are of no importance. I do however often read what is being posted and find the opinions expressed, and the info shared, very interesting. I plan to start participating more, just need to find the time.
If anything, I think the Tolkien Collector's Guide should become a Smial of The Tolkien Society. If for nothing else it has an official air to it. However I think TCG would be best kept as it is.
To the close community of members of this site it may not mean anything either way, although from my position the independentness of this site is somewhat attractive. If anything I think this site has the ability to further evolve and become something that is on the list to become involved with, next to The Tolkien Society, and The Mythopoeic Society; although it would be a shame to lose the intimacy that the TCG has. Of course for this to happen people like me would have to put there arse into gear and become involved.

Just my opinion.
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