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Facebook button

Subject: Facebook button
by Urulöké on 2010/4/24 8:45:28

In the slow slog for getting Facebook integrated with TCG, I have added a "like" button on the homepage in the upper right corner (just below the twitter button).

Clicking on this button will post to your facebook profile that you 'like' TCG. TCG will not see your Facebook credentials, your profile information, or any other personal information - that is all handled by Facebook themselves.

Please 'like' TCG. (If you like this site, of course!) Please let me know if the button doesn't show up for you (it took more than a day to get it to show up in IE, other browsers had no problems with it). Please leave feedback of any kind on Facebook and TCG!

Why? Because 500 million people use Facebook, and some of them are Tolkien fans who don't know about TCG yet. Every person who 'likes' TCG means that they share this interest with their Facebook friends who may drop by.
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