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Re: eBay auction images

Subject: Re: eBay auction images
by Urulöké on 2011/1/23 22:41:20

Thanks Trotter (and Khamul)! More helping hands only makes the site that much better overall, and making sure the images get archived is really important as we are all figuring out.

I will go back through my browsing archives and see if I have images from any of the older threads on my local hard drive.

On the thread you tried to update: there are two issues.

One is that every time you edit the thread, it finds another ebay link (the one it added automatically the last time) and so tries to add another image! That is why there were three links there. Major bug, and I will have that fixed tonight.

Second issue - the image link is correct (and viewable if you copy/paste it) but the special characters that eBay uses for image names (the parenthesis) cause the forum browser to not render the link correctly! Another bug that I think I have a solution for, will try that out tonight.

Thanks for the help!