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Re: June Giveaway!

Subject: Re: June Giveaway!
by Urulöké on 2008/1/1 10:40:08

Hi Tom (and Beren of course),

the difficulty (and fun part!) of collecting vintage pinbacks/buttons/badges is that the machines for making them were cheap, so no matter how many you think you have found, there are always more! (Similar to Parmastahir's calendar collecting quest - there are fan calendars with print runs in the single digits). I have a bunch that I have accumulated over the years, many need to be photographed and added to the Collector's Guide - if you have more buttons you have found (even just pictures online) send me what you can and I will add them to the Guide!

The ones I was offering here were made by an independent store in New York City back in the sixties. I got a bunch of them from the person who inherited a huge box full of buttons that were found in an attic. The condition is not great at all (lots of rust stains) but they are still fun and a good start to a budding collection.

I will try to add a few more images to the Buttons page of the Guide today.

Deagol, I still owe you your buttons! Beren and Tom, do you want some too?
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