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Re: Collector's Guide - Books section

Subject: Re: Collector's Guide - Books section
by Urulöké on 2007/1/11 17:29:46

I certainly have plans to, and it is getting towards the top of my list. :) I have started scanning in a lot of books for it, but find myself trying to focus on getting a catalog for the store out before I start writing descriptions for the US editions. Maybe start on it this month?

[My todo list for this site is about 5 years long, I think. And growing. There's so much *stuff*... books are a high priority though. It was supposed to be first but I got distracted by fanzines... and placeholder pages for other collectibles as I run across archives, such as New Line calendars, I am trying to resurrect the collectTolkien.com pages for that right now, etc.]
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