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Re: New Poll: What do you want to see in the guide?

Subject: Re: New Poll: What do you want to see in the guide?
by Urulöké on 2007/2/6 11:02:30

Haha from me too. My todo list grows about four times faster than I check things off for this site.

Lots of good stuff to come soon, though. I'm working on American books (easier now that I can do it along with bookstore stuff, since I bailed on trying to put together a comprehensive catalog).

I have a huge upload of New Line related calendar data and images from a wonderful fellow collector that is making it's way online (2001-2002 done, 2003-2007 still coming.)

I have multiple huge files (VanHecke's and Hildfons Took's) for the fanzine database, multiple megabytes of text.

I have permission to import from TolkienCollector.com whatever I can use, so that will definitely help fill out some images.

And that's just a sampling of the list for uploading and formatting of existing data. The way I figure it, in about two years this site will be awesome!

I made this poll "multiple selection" enabled, but unfortunately you can still only vote once, so those of you who already voted for one choice can't go back and add, but new voters can check as many options as they want now.

I have gone back and added Deagol's second vote for posters and Beren's for A/V and artwork to bring the tally up to date.
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