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TCG Giveaway!

Subject: TCG Giveaway!
by Urulöké on 2007/2/4 0:13:04

For the month of February, everyone who contributes to TCG (discussion forums, classifieds, links, Guide entries, news, comments) will have their name put in a drawing for a free giveaway. I've pulled a few mathoms for the winner to choose one of - the others (and hopefully some new ones) to be up again if this is popular enough to be a regular thing.

For those areas that anonymous posts are active, as long as I can figure out who you are you'll be entered as well.

Please let me know if you like this idea! (Hey, that'll enter you in the drawing.)

This month's options to choose from:

A. 2005 16 month "The Tolkien Art of the Brothers Hildebrant" calendar, still brand new and sealed in shrinkwrap.

B. Orcrist #3 (Tolkien Journal Vol. 4. no. 1, whole number 11) - Cover art "The Hornberg in Helm's Deep" by Tim Kirk. Orcrist no. 3 page in TCG

C. Four vintage 1960's buttons - "Frodo Lives" (green and red), "Tolkien is Hobbit Forming", "Come to Middle-earth". (Yes, they are a bit stained - they're old!)
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