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Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings

Subject: Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings
by Urulöké on 2007/2/18 11:22:36

Thanks Trotter!

For some reason, my brain kept automatically inserting "Deluxe" into Wayne and Christina's website comment.

So, for the UK edition, (if I have this straight):

1. Deluxe 2004 HC 1 vol.
2. Trade 2004 HC 1 vol, same text as 1.
3. Trade 2005 PB 1 vol., corrected text and expanded index
4. Trade 2005 HC 3 vol, same as 3.
5. Trade 2005 PB 3 vol, same as 3 but the pagination is different, so the Reader's Companion doesn't line up correctly.

4. and 5. have had two impressions (at least), the rest are all single impressions only (including the deluxe editions still available on Amazon.co.uk).

Interesting that the deluxe edition, at 2500 copies (my source was an email from Wayne, agrees with Deagol's website) is still available at steep discount. While not super cheap, it is beautiful. I think if it had been released as a "limited edition of 2500" rather than just had 2500 copies printed, it would have sold through much faster. It also probably didn't help that the text was revised and the index expanded so soon, but the deluxe edition collector and the "needing the authoritative text" collector and the "buy Johnny a set for Christmas" folks are quite different people.

I think these will sell out soon after the Deluxe Children of Hurin hits the market and people want them all looking so nice next to each other on the shelf.
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