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Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings

Subject: Re: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Lord of The Rings
by Beren on 2007/2/27 1:21:31

In my interview with Dan Brawn I did not exactly figure out which Silmarillion he is planning for September. I made some hints to see if it would match the current Hobbit and Lotr and soon to arrive Children of Hurin. He just said something like we have not decided yet if a celebration edition will be made, so let us see what will be decided there first.
But somehow i'm sure the plans are already made and he will let me know all about it later this year. He know wants the focus on Children of Hurin...

By the way, I also found out we will get a reprint of Mr.Bliss AND a hardback version of Tales of Perilious Realms. Gonne be nice edition, with new images, since i don't know more yet I just keep info at this.
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