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Re: More screw-ups from HarperCollins... Sigh

Subject: Re: More screw-ups from HarperCollins... Sigh
by Elwë on 2009/2/2 7:09:16

This doesn't surprise me. I actually ordered two copies of the Super Deluxe CoH a couple of months ago and they were simply left at my doorstep! Fortunately, I have an enclosed breezeway of sorts, so nothing happened to them, but to leave two copies of that book with no signature requirement was surprising. I am assuming that since they dropped the price of shipping, they also dropped the quality of shipping service as well. My two copies only cost 5GBP (total) to ship the U.S.

Stu, would you care to let us know what number (of 500) you received of the limited deluxe CoH? Just interested to find out how close they are to sold out.
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