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Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?

Subject: Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?
by Khamûl on 2009/2/5 6:12:58

...also can't lovingly look at my HOME's any more as I took Khamul's advice and turned them round so the spines are inwards. -Trotter

O dear! I hope I've not made you too unhappy Trotter!? Personally I don't think I could bare the thought of having any of my books literally de-valuing (or rather deteriorating in condition) as they sat on my shelf. Eventually they will be brought forth in all their glory; but until then, and since I have to double up my books in any case!, they can sit behind other less important books.

Having said that, the habit (of turning books around or hiding them behind others) is perhaps driven by my Silmarillion collecting; where there is (perhaps with other books there is not so much!) a real danger of spine fading were they all on open display.

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