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Re: What do you collect? What type of collector are you?

Subject: Re: What do you collect? What type of collector are you?
by Urulöké on 2009/2/2 23:35:31

Hi Qweniden, and welcome to TCG!

I started out getting the books I remembered as a kid (my parents had some nice early editions of LOTR and Hobbit that I wanted as well), spent a good long time working on his academic works (Nodens, Year's Works, etc.), am now slowing accumulating the old poetry that appeared in obscure journals. Also I am spending a lot of time with the fanzines from the sixties and seventies recently.

Some folks focus on translations, artwork, signatures, toys, action figures, puzzles, books from Tolkien's personal library, you name it! I firmly believe that there is really no way to have absolutely everything (even with infinite funds), so have at, and have fun!
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