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Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?

Subject: Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?
by Trotter on 2009/2/16 11:16:11

Your copy of the book-plate is the same as the two that I have, one in a Standard Copy and one in Deluxe Copy, my copies were both bought directly from Waterstones on the first day of issue.

The US copies have the book-plate on the half-title page of the book (under The Children of Húrin), with Christopher's signature in the top left hand corned, Alan Lee signed in the bottom right corner.

It was intended that the same thing happen at the UK Launch, so again Christopher's signature is in the top left hand corner, in pretty much the same place on both my copies. Waterstone's staff stuck in the stickers on the day, which is how they got into Deluxe Books as well as Trade Editions and I suspect that they were meant to stick them onto the half-title Page like the US copies, but they did not. All UK copies are stuck on the grey end-paper at the very start of the book, round about in the middle of the page.

Alan Lee also signed some of the book-plates, but I asked him to sign in his customary signing position under and too the right of "Illustrated by Alan Lee" on the title page. You don't mention Alan's signature but it should also be signed by him, either on the book-plate or title page as he signed every copy with a book-plate.

Your description of the book-plate corresponds with both of mine, the fake bookplates were scanned or photocopied and as such are less clear. The signature in particular is a very sharp black ink signature in the real book-plates and is not the same when copied.