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Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun

Subject: Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun
by loonka on 2009/7/21 3:07:48

Hi all. This is about the super deluxe edition of the children of hurin, just thought id give my two bobs worth. I orderd a copy of the super deluxe edition of the children of hurin and a signed copy of tales from the perilous realm on the 9th of july.
I live at the bottom of Western Australia and was shiting myself with worry. I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong and reading peoples reports about Harper Collins service wasnt helping. I have never had problems with them directly but i no they can leave much to be desired.

I went to the post office today to find a parcel awaiting me (today being the 21st). I was exited but still a little worried, so i raced home to open it.
Upon opening the parcel i discoverd that everything was as it should be.
My only complaint being i dont know the number for CoH as i am not going to open it. I am saving up for a reading copy.

So i must say a big thankyou to Harper Collins for there excellent service and hope that it is now standard as i will be making more purchases in the, i hope, near future.
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