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Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun

Subject: Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun
by Onónion on 2009/7/21 12:07:04

Well, I got the SuperDeluxe Edition in a very surprising and lucky way:

With the 30% off discount from a couple of months ago, I decided to buy The Tolkien Deluxe Collection box (which is already very expensive for me as I am a student )
When The HaCo box arrived at my home, I thought the outer box too narrow to contain the box with the books in it. I opened it, already panicking that it would be a wrong order...
It was of course a wrong order but one that turned out great for me as I thought the SuperDeluxe edition (for that was of course the book that was in the box) far too expensive for my budget.

And that way I was and still am a happy young man
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